Shoegaro is a social business headquartered in Agra, India. It provides a reliable platform to connect artisans making handmade shoes with demand centers across India.

Shoegaro was conceptualised to preserve the dying art of handmade shoemaking, with aim to engage artisans families who have carried forward the traditional art of handmade shoes. In last two decades, the handmade footwear artisans have been losing their shoemaking jobs to rapid industrialisation in footwear market. And because of which most of these artisans both men & women have been living in abject poverty and working as daily wage labours in and around Agra city or have migrated to other parts of India in search of livelihood.

Linked with this social concern are encouraging dataset which prompted Ankit & Gagan to design a business plan out of their inclination to conserve art of shoemaking.

Shoegaro engages both men and women of these shoemaking artisan families at various stages of shoe making and tries to provide consistent shoemaking orders thereby providing livelihood opportunities by doing what they know best. We also consistently try to improvise shoemaking skills of these artisans and bring them close to the latest technology. We also pay special attention to make these artisans as internet friendly as possible.

 Our Vision: Make affordable & comfortable handcrafted shoes for every occasion, accessible to all footwear consumers in India

Mission: Create a reliable network of handmade shoe artisans to enable them sustain the century old shoe making tradition by providing them consistent business & safe platform to work

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