How Shoegaro is creating Micro-Entrepreneurs in Agra, India

Sahid was working at footwear factories in Agra since he was just a teenager. Sahid, a creative individual, had a dream to have a space of his own where he could experiment and create what he wants to. But he never had a clue how to achieve his dream. He used to work on daily wages by crafting footwear designed by others.
At a point of time he decided to leave his daily wage based work and started working on his own. This was a big risk as he was the only working member of the family.He crafted new footwear designs but was not able to reach the consumers. As time was passing he started doubting that he will be able to sustain in the market. Then he met us at Shoegaro.
We joined hands with Sahid believing in him and in his dream. Sahid created slippers and sandals and we helped him to increase his reach by providing him a better platform to sell. We helped him to make his products available on as well as on all major e-marketplaces. His products got a huge response online. Sahid has now established his place and is now making around 400 to 500 pairs of sandals daily. After becoming self-dependent he is now providing employment to five other artisans in his factory.

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