How a Small Footwear Artisan Family started a Self-owned Footwear Unit in Agra

The concept of work from home might be new for most of us but not for Sachin. Sachin is a Footwear Artisan, he has been making “Randals” for footwear since he was just a kid. He chose to not work in factories because he wanted to do “Apna Kaam” (work of his own).
He has always worked independently but it as not easy for him. He could not afford a space to set up a workshop and did not had enough to pay any additional expanses of the workplace. So, he decided to convert his home into the workshop.
His family of five owned a house of 200 square foot. All the family members agreed to use the house as a workspace during the day and as a sleeping space during the night. All his family members, who were working in different factories as daily wage workers, got involved in one or the other process of shoemaking. They beautifully worked it out and haven't looked back since then.
This family has presented a perfect example of cooperation over the years. We salute Sachin to pursue his dream and to his family for being a rock solid support in toughest of the situations. We are proud to have such a beautiful family as a part of Shoegaro Family.
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